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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection and communication between various devices through the internet, enabling these devices to exchange data and work together autonomously. IoT is applied in various domains such as smart homes, smart cities, and smart factories, enhancing efficiency, reducing operational costs, and improving the quality of life through advanced technology.

DALL·E 2024-05-26 16.15.01 - A futuristic scene depicting IoT in a smart city. The city fe

SX-M4000TM is the main controller for building automation system (BAS). It is use for data monitoring and system configuration with Building Automation System Management Software. It is flexible for complex system; SX-M4000 can interface with sub-system such as Lighting Control or Air Conditioner Control via RS-485 Communication by Protocol Modbus RTU with Wireless Communication optional board.

SX-C160RTM is the digital Output module for Expands the control capabilities of your PLC or Controller that interface with RS-485 by Modbus RTU Protocol. It adds eight open collector (NPN) for control relay contactor both Latching and General Relay (configurable) to automated system. It is flexible to set schedule of SX-C160R with built-in RTC. It can communicate with Digital Temperature sensor SX-TMP125 for Temperature Control in Air Conditioner Controller.

Our digital temperature sensor SX-TMP125 as complement of the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor it provides 9 to 12 –bit (configurable) temperature reading over a 1-Wire interface. The sensor achieves very high accuracy and is ideal for use in field environments (ambient temperature or monitoring of engineering room) with RS-485 Communication Modbus RTU.

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